A perfect place for us (our place #1)


“There’s a place for us

The perfect place for us”


At the start of a new school year it can be hard to feel like you’ve found your place. A new class, maybe even a new dorm, meeting new friends and everything seems to be changed. Or maybe it’s only a small difference but it can still be hard to feel like you belong. Maybe this new place makes you feel so unseen or like you’re not supposed to be there. And that can be incredibly discouraging. I get it.

Here I am, writing this in a bus to Berlin, with a new class, new adventures awaiting. I am not at all an adventurous person, not. at. all.. I love comfort, I love the places where I know I can look around and know I belong. But sometimes these new surroundings can actually help you grow. You can look at it like you’re a new plant, in its own little plastic pot. Comfortable, but to fully thrive it needs to be put in a bigger pot. So it can let its roots grow, so it can bloom.


And you might think “ya, I know that, but I am not like that plant, I can thrive right where I am” or “there’s no place for me, I am here alone, it is uncomfortable and hurts but I do want to thrive but I am not sure if this is my place” and that’s okay. I get that but the truth is that you are chosen and you are put in the place where you are. Repeat after me : I AM CHOSEN. You were meant to be here. You might feel like this is not your place but God can still use you where you are. You might just need to be in this class full of strangers, you might need to be on this bus, this might just be your place.

As I was thinking about this topic, I was reminded of David in 1 Samuel 16, where Samuel is looking for the one that God anointed to become king. David wasn’t there, he wasn’t big enough, he wasn’t important enough. He was just a little shepherd boy out on the field. His dad didn’t even think he could be the one, he for sure wouldn’t be capable enough. But somehow God saw him and chose him and He became a big inspiration in his walk of faith for many years to come.

Finding your place can be incredibly scary. I used to have so much fear and let that lead my life. But I made the decision to no longer let it lead me. Yeah, I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t know my new classmates, I don’t know if this study is really what I want in life but I trust God. I might just be where I need to be.

“Before you set the stars up in the sky

You came and took me aside

You told me I was part of the plan

You told me I was yours” – The Afters

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