King of my heart

(alleen in het Engels, sorry!)

Three of my favorite songs are called King of my heart. One is the famous worship song, but I especially love the Kutless version, one of the other songs is written by my best friend Tailah and the third one is by Taylor Swift. They are all so different but somehow totally fit together in my mind.

“Is this the end of all the endings?”
This is a line from the Taylor Swift song, it’s about a new relationship. She’s perfectly fine on her own but she meets someone that makes her feel like everything is piecing together. It’s fragile but the song explains the different phases from being happy single to being happy with the guy that she calls the king of her heart, body and soul. Ofcourse I don’t think this is completly healthy to have that outlook on your lover but I understant. I love the line “is this the end of all the endings”, one of my friends explained the meaning of that line for her to me and she told me that everything in her life is stable now, she doesn’t need to fight or hold on to the ends or be scared of new beginnings, everything is right how it’s supposed to be. When I think of this line in that context, it makes me think of Jesus saying that everything is finished on the cross. There are no more bad endings anymore, it is done. It is good.

“I trust where we’re going even if I don’t know
I believe every promise that you ever spoke
Even if I don’t see it
I will just believe it”
This is a line from my best friend’s song. She texted me she would send it to me but I wasn’t allowed to laugh at it because months before we were discussing how the other songs are so different but how they share the same title and I said I hoped there wouldn’t be more songs that I loved with that title because that would be confusing. It’s a very personal song to her but I also really love it and relate to it. God really always is faithful. Even when we don’t know where we are supposed to be. God is faithful, He keeps His promises and always knows what is best, even when we don’t understand. And that’s something I hold on to in this season of life.

“When the night is holding on to me
God is holding on”
And ofcourse, the classic worship song. This is a line that’s only in the Kutless version I believe but this is why this song is extra special to me. I’ve been there, I have felt like it was night for so long but I knew that God didn’t let me go. I know He is good. And He won’t let me down.

I think this is the overal theme of these songs, God doesn’t let us down. He is faithful, He is taking care of us. And that is something I am learning about right now, to trust Him even if it doesn’t make sense. I know He is good. My broken bones are mending, there’s healing in my heart because I know this is true.

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